“Practicing your perfection”

Hello there. I have been hopping around back and forth from different places all year, and finally I have caught my breath, back here, in a basement flat in San Francisco, California. This month I have been writing about and trying to wrap my brain about the notion of “oneness”.

We’ve heard that phrase so much that its practically lost all meaning. What does it really mean? That we’re just like a big blob of jello bouncing around in unanimous sameness? No, I think that’s what they call death.

We are obviously separate people living separate lives in separate countries thinking separate thoughts and having quite distinct and separate experiences. Right? Well, yes, but not exactly. That’s just what appears to be happening from a certain perspective. We exist at so many different levels. From the macro to the micro. So, there are many viewing points to perceive what we call reality. And at the playing field level, a term I learned from Robert Scheinfeld, its very dense and heavy. Its the surface of life, the crust, where everything is intense, loud, and in your face. Imagine being on the grass at the 50 yard line, or on the corner of a large and busy intersection, or even in the middle of an anti war rally…. Its about the emotinality, the physical and mechanical churning. We all know it and live it everyday. But it is just one view.

Take a few steps up, or inside, into the interior realms of perception, and everything shifts. When you move from the field and up into the bleachers, what do you see? When you look out of the 6th floor window, what do you see? You start to notice what is happening. You star to see it in a way you never thought possible. You begin to notice the orchestration and choreography of the moment. The whole movement and design of the game…

And you can keep going higher and higher up into the sky box, or on the top of the tallest building. The perspective keeps expanding and your view of what is really happening transforms to include more, and more. Here is where you start to see the magnificence of everything. You see the perfection of the dance going on perpetually and symbiotically…

Have you ever really pondered the question,”Who am I?”, or “What am I?”…. To really answer these questions a certain amount of stillness and focused engagement with what is “now” needs to be entertained, felt and then explored.

The philosophy of oneness and non-duality is something I have always felt to be true in a spiritual sense. But in terms of having practical value in the day to day interaction and definition of this and that, you and me, here and there, now are then, it seems to get lost and buried miles below the surface.

We are too busy living with what they call the conditioned perspective of “ordinary” reality. We experience an apparent continuity to life because our sense of I-ness comes from our identification as a reflection in our memory. And who you are then becomes a pattern of habits, which are memories… But that is of course, not the whole truth.

“Why would it even matter if we were one or not?” The duality of this particular reality is not going to change, or go away, its pretty much the nature of the game. Right? Yes. But your perspective and interpretation of reality is a powerful creative beckoning that is often overlooked. Its a philosophy and perspective that has the possibility to completely transform and revolutionize how we see, interpret, and interact.

Why not just  suspend our “disbelief” for a moment and open ourselves up to what science is discovering?: “Connectivity among all things is the basic constituent of the fabric of reality” ~Dean Radin.

How does that make you feel? It comes down to a question of power.  When I open myself up to this connectivity, I no longer feel helpless and alone. I actually have the creative power to effect and influence all of what is around me.  That alone is reason enough to take a leap into what it would mean to “pratice your perfection”.

Here is a little meditation exercise.  Sit in a comfortable chair or in a meditation posture.  Close your eyes, and immediately come to your breath.  Feel the air as something that is not separate from you.  It is around you, comes in through your nose, exchanges and transforms elements into your body, and continues with your exhale into the universe….  Feel and imagine your awareness expanding with your breath.  You begin to sense your “boundaries” increase in circumference.  You expand into feeling the entire room that you are in, as part of you, just like the air coming in and out of your lungs…

And continue, as you include your entire house, your block, your city, your country, and the entire planet.  You are a transparent outline in a sea of energy that is freely passing through and around you.  Your energetic atmosphere continues to expand to include our entire solar system, and all other solar systems until you feel the entire universe within you….  In this state, all that you are is perfect.  There are no judgments, no boundaries, no limits…  There is only a flow of energy, just like your breath, flowing in and around you, to include all of everything that is….

Sit in this feeling for as long as you like, and slowly come back to you, in your chair, or on your pillow, breathing, taking it all in.  Open your eyes and notice if you feel any differently about who and what you are.  I hope you liked this.  Please let me know if anything came up for you.  Take care and enjoy “practicing your perfection”.


“There is no spoon”

Greetings. Today in this third post of a thread of communication from one aspect of consciousness to another, I’m going to drop a proverbial bomb. Have you ever wondered about what you or others have defined as “real”. Is this something that has an objective and solid nature that is indisputably, verifiably, and knock on wood, the truth and nothing but the truth? No, I don’t think so. In fact, what most of us think is solid and real is more like a projection.

The hairless boy bending spoons as if they were made out of silly puddy had it right. I’m referring to the enlightened young potential in the movie, “The Matrix”. He tells Neo, “Do not try to bend the spoon, that’s impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth. There is no spoon. Then you’ll see, it is not the spoon that bends. Its only yourself”‘. Neo sees his reflection in the spoon bend slightly, only to pop back into shape when he is called. This scene is full of clues. Glimpses of the truth about the nature of reality.

Science is embarking on a similar realization. Through the work of Karl Pribram, David Bohm, and many others, evidence is clearly showing us that our physical world and the entire universe closely resembles an enormous hologram. A good primer for all of this is Michael Talbot’s, The Holographic Universe. Pibram first came upon this when working with the neuropsychologist, Karl Lashley in the 1960’s. He had been on an ongoing search for the physiological mechanisms in the brain that stored our memories. It had been widely believed that each memory we have is somehow located in a specific place in the brain cells. What they found was quite mind boggling. Our memories are somehow stored outside of the brain itself, and are distributed through the brain as a whole. Nothing could really explain this phenomena until he came across an article in Scientific American about the construction of a hologram:hologramdiagram5.jpg

To make a hologram, you first need to create a holographic plate, a sort of film that contains a pattern of all the information about the object. This is done by splitting the highly concentrated light of a laser into two beams. One is aimed at an object that reflects the light to a holographic plate. And the other is bounced around to also reflect onto the plate. What they call an interference pattern is created which contains all the specific details of the object. In order to actually see the image you then must shine another laser through the holographic film, and out pops a very real looking 3 dimensional projection of the object. An important feature of this holographic plate is that the information which makes up the image is distributed throughout the entire film, just like how memory is stored in our brains. So if you cut it up the film, into however many pieces, each piece contains the entire image. That’s kind of spooky, don’t you think?

The Holographic model has from this beginning, went on to become, scientifically, the most accurate description for many seemingly inexplicable processes like associative memory, how vision occurs, synchronicities, coincidences, and paranormal phenomena. Many physicists have independently bumped into these very odd, but undeniable properties of the subatomic particles that make up reality. There appears to be different levels of reality co-existing within one and another. And the deeper you penetrate into anything the stranger it gets. In fact, it is so beyond what we have been convinced to believe, that is quite a feat to wrap our mind around this.

In fact, you might be shaking your head and thinking, “Yeh, I’ve heard about this wacked out stuff before, but it just can’t be true. I mean let’s get real here, If I came up to you and smacked you over the head with a 2×4, are you going to tell me it was just a holographic projection of a 2X4 bashing into your head? No, you’re going to be in serious pain, and pain is real, and so that piece of wood is real…” Right? Well, no that’s not completely accurate. There is evidence to suggest that it is your beliefs that hold everything together. It is your beliefs about what you’re perceiving that creates the image of wood to appear to be solid, and that the pain you feel is “pain”. If you really explore perception and how we see “objects” out there, and how we define and label our sensations, you will again be boggled.

Our mind actually fills in the gaps of what we perceive through our senses to make something appear “real”. What we see, hear, smell, taste, and touch as physical reality is a very small portion of what is there. And what is there, is made up of frequencies of energy that our brains translate into something we assume to be solid, substantial, and separate. What we identify with as our body is just like the universe around us. It is a formation of energy, of information, of frequencies vibrating, dancing, reflecting ceaselessly. We are in and of a gigantic sea of light. There is really no “out there” out there.

You might have heard this before also, and most likely let it go in one ear and out the other, so to speak. We all do this because it seems to have no practical value to our lives. But I am here to state, that if one stops to see, or rather feel, the glitches in the “matrix” we believe so blindly to be all of reality, then we can allow a completly different view to appear. A view that is expanded into a larger perspective which holds all of life as a miraculous symphony of potential and possibility, a universe of thought and feeling. And wherever you engage your focus you will find less and less matter, and more and more energetic space. From within to without, everything is expanding and will continue to expand as consciousness.

This is the fundamental truth about the nature of you and the nature of reality. Scientists call it The Unified Field, The Zero Point Field, or The Superstring Field. But the name does not really matter. It is a perspective of awareness, a conscious and awakened sense of feeling and being that will give you direct experience of the Truth about what is “real”.

I’m going to sign off with a beautiful little film called Powers of Ten. It is a visual meditation that can give one the sense of what I have been communicating here. I welcome comments and queries if you feel so moved. Thanks for landing here. I wish you the best of all possible worlds. Take care, and be well.


Divine Amnesia

Have you ever wondered why you feel lonely, stupid, powerless, unhappy, and poor?  Most think like I did for many years that something is seriously wrong with them.  Its as if the powers that be, somehow messed up and left out some very important ingredients when they cooked us up.  For me as a kid, I would take a little bit more time when asked to do something, or when doing an assignment in school.  And I would always feel like an imbecile when they yelled “why are you so slow?”  Now I understand that I was just trying to savor the moments, absorbing as much as I possibly could.  But that is jumping ahead isn’t it?

Back to our dilemma…  We all find ourselves feeling inadequate or downright damaged. “Why me…” we scream to a big, scary and alien world out there that does not even seem to be listening.  Sound familiar?  Well, you might not believe me at this moment in time, but it was, and is, all perfectly unfolding.  Its what I call divine amnesia.  And you, most likely, will not find a definition for that in your medical dictionaries.  Its part of the design that we agree to when we take on becoming “human”.  Yes, we agree to temporarily lose our memory.  Isn’t that a funny notion?   Its very strange, but quite brilliant.  As a divine being, hanging out in Infiniteland, we had an interesting question magically appear.  What would it feel like to not be divine and infinite?  That was all we were, and ever could be, but what if  a part of us forgot that truth.  Hmm, interesting thought.  Then an  idea like no other took shape.

What if we create a situation where part of us would be woven into a form that would appear to be separate, weak, and finite.  Wouldn’t that be an incredible experience?  We would have to somehow convince  ourselves that we are lonely, stupid, powerless, unhappy, and poor.  This would take an enormous amount of power to accomplish this. But as infinite beings anything is possible.  So we did it.  We created an infinitely expanding playground called “the Universe”, where embodied aspects of ourselves would lose the memory of  who they were and where they came from.   Certain creations were designed to keep the divine amnesia in place in order to fully embrace and experience the limitation and finiteness.  Such things as the body,  culture, relationship, and money would serve as perfect vehicles for experiencing this.  But this process of being lost in our own creation would not be the entire game.  That would not be much fun after a while.  We then gave our embodied characters the opportunity to remember and rediscover how things really were. Situations where they could expand their perspectives and seemingly grow and evolve back into their true nature and identity.

We would, of course, never really be separate from them during it all, but would oversee and orchestrate the entire drama, feeling everything they are feeling, giving ourselves gifts of expanded understanding and realization.  And from the player’s angle it is an  unforgettable journey of awakening.  It is quite an awesome creation.  Being lonely, stupid, powerless, unhappy, and poor isn’t so bad after all.  In this perspective it truly is an adventure to be savored and absorbed as fully as possible, don’t you think?



Hello other aspects of consciousness…

Welcome to my little blog about the nature of reality. I have been studying the nature of my own consciousness for many years. I have been obsessed with those simple questions, like “What is the significance of Life?” “Who am I?”, and “Why am I here?” And this has led me on a wonderful journey through many parts of the world, and through many traditions. Through all these explorations I have gathered pieces of a grand puzzle. And until recently I have not been able to make out what exactly this bigger picture of reality looked like as a whole. Sure I had some good models, little snapshot views of particular microcosms, but I felt compelled to keep up this never ending search of what Truth with a capital “T” looked like.

Right now, however, I am in a very different place. I no longer feel like a hungry dog chasing something that is always just a few feet away. I am now certain that all the answers are right here. There is nothing for me to “get”. Nowhere for me to “go”. This elusive state of enlightenment is simply where I find myself now. And it is constantly expanding and in motion as is the entire universe. I will be sharing these little puzzle pieces here as clues and evidence that there is much much more to the world than we have previously believed. And therein lies a very big clue to how our particular reality takes shape. It is very simply a matter of perspective. You might have heard the phrase “You only see what you know, and you only know what you see”. In order to perceive and know more, we merely have to expand our notions and beliefs about who and what we are.

In most cases, this is practically the opposite of what we currently believe. In a way, everything is upside down, and backwards. I do not mean this as a judgement, but rather as a truthful description of how things are. All it takes is for anyone to do their due diligence about anything and you will see that nothing makes any sense if you look at it from the culturally accepted perspective. It is a beautiful creation we have agreed to play with in order to convince us temporarily that we are limited. For in truth, we are divine beings that are by nature infinite and unlimited.

You might be wondering why we would deceive ourselves like this. I think we play this “human” game for the fun and challenge of it. If you are constantly submerged and surrounded by your infinite power it might get a little boring, don’t you think? So we create a sort of “divine amnesia” by weaving our consciousness into individual personas that undertake the journey of being human without any recollection about their true identity. And on our human journey we have the possibility to rediscover and remember the majesty who we really are. In this moment of realization and remembering the entire universe opens up to us and things are seen clearly, simply, and right-side-up. Our true state of joy or love then becomes what we know and see all around us. This becomes a possibility when our higher or expanded Self creates the opportunity for us to step through the door, a kind of portal into another way of living and being. There’s no need to worry or stress out about when and how this will happen. Everything is unfolding in the most beautiful manner that will eventually make perfect sense. All we have to do is follow where our feelings tell us to go. It might seem that you are disconnected from your expanded self, but in truth, there is no separation. Through our feelings we are guided to amazing experiences that show us where we have hidden our power, so to speak. With a few simple processes we are able to tell the truth about everything, appreciating and reclaiming our power where we have masterfully woven it into our experiences.

I thank you for finding your way here. I will continue this in the next post. Please feel free to comment and add your particular views to this ongoing conversation from one aspect of consciousness to another. I deeply appreciate it. Until next time, take care, be well, and most importantly, have fun.